Paleti resumes regarding ladies in Nepali music

Paleti resumes regarding ladies in Nepali music

Paleti resumes regarding ladies in Nepali music

KATHMANDU: After a short interference, Paleti, has continued its customary show with a topic ‘Observing Women in Nepali Music’, on Friday.

On the event, female pioneer artists were recognized as artist Meera and moderator Aavaas ran the show with eagerness at the Nepalaya’s sala, full house field in Kalikasthan.

The show commenced recalling Melwadevi, the main Nepali female artist, through her tune ‘Na Gharlai Ghar Kahincha’, composed by saint Shukaraj Shastri. As the show went on, Aavaas imparted his experience to driving female artists of the country.

He further stated, “Meeting Koilidevi resembled visiting an agent from another time.” As Tara Devi name came into setting, ‘Fulko Thunga Bahera Gayo’ in the expressions of national writer Madhav Prasad Ghimire was sung to respect her, Aavash shared.

As the snow went on, vocalist Sunita Subba sang ‘Chirbir Garne Chari’ composed by Manjul taking crowds to an alternate period of Nepali music.

Artist Meera engaged the group with her maternal home Manipur’s mainstream song ‘Nokhidhara’ and closed down the show with Melwadevi’s song ‘Sawari Mero Railailma’.

Moreover, vocalists Sunita Subba, Kunti Moktan and Sangeeta Pradhan additionally performed in the show yesterday. The show will keep running amid the days of the most recent seven day stretch of consistently, Nepalaya said.

Music fans can book tickets through Paleti’s internet based life pages and through Nepalaya. Correspondingly, online ticket can be obtained through, as indicated by the announcement.


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