Rajesh Hamal

Date of birth
9th June, 1964
Birth Place
Tansen, Palpa, Nepal
Rajesh Hamal studied at St. Xavier’s School till the eighth grade. His father was a diplomat; as such he partly went to college in Moscow and finished his M.A. in English literature from Punjab University, India,

He is deeply inspired by the late actor Marlon Brando and was said to have said that his character in On the Waterfront would be his choice of movie if it were to be remade in Nepalese.

At leisure Rajesh Hamal likes to watch the news on BBC, CNN and other news channels and read non-fiction books and biographies. He is inspired by the teachings of H.H. 14th Dalai Lama and is very supportive of the cause for improving the lives of oppressed Tibetans in Tibet-occupied China, as well as the Tibetan refugees’ scenario in Nepal and India. Rajesh Hamal is said to like to think, look back and look ahead at his life. He believes in the natural cause of law and effect of Karma.

He is afraid of heights. For a recent movie scene, he couldn’t Bunjee jumping and so he had the stuntman fill in. On another occasion, during a fight scene, his sword fell of its hilt and knocked four teeth of the cameraman. Rajesh Hamal’s pet dog is named ‘Johnny’ after he was awed by the role of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. As of July 2011, the dog has been missing and is presumed dead.

Rajesh Hamal in his college years first modelled for Fashion Net, an Indian magazine in 1995; he walked the ramp in Kathmandu and New Delhi in 1986. He started his career with the movie Yug Dekhi Yug Samma in 1991, a film made by his uncle. Initially, his parents were disappointed with his career choice. He is considered a prominent figure in bringing professionalism in the Nepali movie industry. From the start of his career, he worked no less than 10 to 12 films a year. Later, in his prime years, he even starred in more than 20 movies a year. Till date he has worked in over 230 Nepali films and one Pakistani movie.

In 1994, director Tulsi Ghimire’s film Deuta shot Rajesh Hamal into super-stardom. He admits that due to his extremely busy schedule he does not always get time to see his own movies. Later he did other hit films like Prithivi, Jeevan Shangarsha, Chandal, Jun Tara, Kancha, Mato Bolcha, Nagad Narayan. These movies were box office hits and proves Hamal as a successful actor in Nepali cinema.

Film career
In 1993, Hamal debuted in Deepak Raimajhi’s “Yug dekhi yug samma” opposite to the debutant actress Kristi Mainali. The film was a huge success. In 1993 he only did one film, Adhikar. The film was moderate at the box office. 1994 proved a best year with 10 movies. All movies were hit at box office. Hamal proved himself as successful and leading actor in Nepali cinema. In 1999 Hamal’s first was film “Chadani” along with actress Niruta Singh where he played a role of Arjun who was son of the rich man and fell in love with a village girl. Later he appeared in films “Ranabhomi, Dharmaputra, Pardesi Kancha, Shankar, Jindagani, Ek number ko pakhe”. His last release in 1999 was “Mato bolcha” which was directed by Rajesh Raj Acharya under Sayapatri films banner. The film was super hit at box office and Hamal earned many nominations for his performance and also won best actor awards.

In 2000 he appeared in film “Basanti” along with actress Karishma Manandhar with whom he had worked in many films. This Film was based on the era of Prithivi Narayan Shah. Audiences appreciated his acting and this film proved to be the highest grossing of 2000 in Nepali cinema. Later he worked in films like Dhuk dhuki, Upakar, Asirbad, Nepal Pyaro Chha yug samma”. Once again his acting was liked by his fans in the film. In 2009 he appeared in film “Raju Raja Ram” along with two other stars of Nepali film industry, Bhuwan K.C. and Shiv Shrestha, where he played role of Raju. The film became a super hit at box office. After the hits of his many films his name was turned into “Superstar of Nepal”.

He also did special appearance in 2011 super hit film “Bato muni ko phool” as ACP. His last release in 2011 was “Dulhai” which was moderate in box office. Later he appeared in many programme like the Nepali comedy show, reality shows, and award functions. He was also a special guest in 2011 Miss Angel programme.

He worked with several actress in his 21 years film career. There was rumors that he was in affair with actress like Karishma Manandhar, Jal Shah, Pooja Chand, Bipana Thapa. It was also rumored that he was going to get married with Jal Shah. In 2011 another rumored came that his life size wax figure was installed at London’s prestigious Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

[hide]Year Title Role Notes Information
1990 Yug Dekhi Yug Samma Winner — Best Actor Debut Award
1993 Adhikar
1994 Bhauju
1994 Deuki
1994 Deuta Winner — Best Actor Award
1994 Chatyang Winner — Best Actor Award
1994 Kachehri Punjabi Film
1994 Kasam
1994 Aparadh Nominated — Best Actor Award
1994 Chahana
1994 Sadak Winner — Best Actor Award
1994 Paribhasa Nominated — Best Suppourting Actor Award
1994 Prithvi Nominated — Best Actor Award
1995 Jeevan Sangharsha
1995 Simana
1996 Avatar
1996 Agni Parichya
1996 Bandhan Winner — Best Actor Award
1996 Bhariya
1996 Chhori Buhari
1997 Allare
1997 Chandal Winner — Best Actor Award
1997 Jun Tara Winner — Best Actor Award
1997 Shankar Winner — Best Actor Award
1998 Chor Nominated — Best Actor Award
1998 Gaunle
1998 Mr Ram Krishne Nominated — Best Actor Award In Comic Role
1998 Pardesi Kancha
1998 Rana Bhoomi Nominated — Best Actor Award
1999 Chandani Arjun Winner — Best Actor Award
1999 Dharmaputra
1999 Ek Number Ko Pakhe
1999 Jindagani
1999 Kancha Nominated — Best Actor Award
1999 Mato Bolcha Winner — Best Actor Award
1999 Nagad Narayan
2000 Basanti Gagan Singh Winner — Best Actor Award
2000 Dhuk Dhuki Winner — Best Actor Award
2000 Upkaar
2001 Aashirbad
2001 Nepal Pyaro Chha Nominated — Best Actor Award
2001 Siudo Ko Sindoor
2001 Maya Ko Saino
2002 Sanyas
2002 Sahid Gate Nominated — Best Actor Award
2002 Khandan Vijaya
2002 Dhan sampati Nominated — Best Actor Award
2003 Je Bho Ramrai Bho
2003 Jetho Kancha
2004 Haami Teen Bhai
2005 Man Mandir
2005 Maya Namara
2006 Alpaviram
2006 Gurudhakshina
2006 Karma Cameo
2007 Yuddha Winner — Best Actor Award
2008 Batuli
2008 The Yug Dekhi Yug Samma Nominated — Best Actor Award
2009 Bish
2009 Jay Shiva Shankar Winner — Best Actor Award
2009 Jungbaaz
2009 Nishana
2009 Sahara
2009 Raju Raja Ram Raju Winner — Best Actor Award
2010 Bato Muni Ko Phool Cameo
2011 Dharmaa
2011 Farki Aau
2011 Dulhai
2012 Mayako Barimaa
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